Running a successful business requires keeping accurate records of inventory and sales.
If you are the kind of person that believes - just like we do - in using technology to simplify this process, then, we have an app for you.

Fiber is a free inventory management app used to track inventory, record sales, and print receipts.

  • It keeps track of inventory quantity, expiry dates, sales, payments (installment, cash & bank transfers), client / business debts, and refunds / returns.
  • With Fiber, you can easily detect inventory manipulation, fraudulent / failed transfers (you can easily review all bank transfers), and much more.


Get low stock notifications, expiry date warnings and much more.

Print Receipts

Print receipts from your mobile phone!

iOS Android


Add and sell your inventory using barcodes.

Multi User

Create accounts for your staffs and they can sell from their devices!


Works seamlessly offline.

All Devices

Fiber works across mobiles, web and desktops!


Track inventory. Record sales. Print receipts.

Other features

Get relevant analytics (what item sells the most, what sells the least, what will sell the most this holiday based on last holiday’s sale, what brings in the most profit, what brings in the least value and much more).


Stop waiting.
Start taking records.

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